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Comodo 原本以免費防火牆著名,但後來也推出了免費防毒軟體,因此後來的安裝包都包含他們的防火牆加上防毒軟體,但是安裝時可以選擇不安裝防毒軟體。Comodo 防火牆在評比中名次都不錯,如果真的需要的話可以考慮使用這款。後來出的版本號都是一長串,因此我選擇性將後面忽略了,需要詳細版本號請詳內。



What´s New in version 5.0.162636:

  • THANKS! Comodo thanks its beta testers whose feedback made this release possible
  • NEW! Spyware Scanner detects and cleans malware infections in PC registry and disks
  • NEW! Cloud based Antivirus detects malicious file even if virus defintions not up-to-date
  • NEW! Cloud based Behavior Analysis system can detect zero-day malware INSTANTLY
  • NEW! Cloud based Whitelisting of trusted publisher easily identifies a safe file and vendor
  • NEW! Game Mode to suppress alerts, updates and scans from interfering with gaming
  • NEW! Heuristic detection identifies real file behind requests of “interpreter” applications
  • NEW! Application Control for users to restrict execution to known good applications only
  • IMPROVED! Windows Compatibility from new Sandbox default application isolation level
  • IMPROVED! Application Compatibility with easily identified safe files and trusted vendors
  • IMPROVED! User Interface with new status allows instant user action to reported events



[Megaupload](x86) | [Megashares](x86) | 其他版本


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