這款小巧的代碼編輯器可以用來編寫多種程式語言,但就算是對沒有編寫程式語言需求的人,這軟體依舊好用,絕對是取代 Windows 傳統記事本的好軟體。經常寫部落格文章的文有應該多多少少都有一些網頁編修上的疑難雜症(CSS,HTML語法),透過這軟體我們能更有效率地編修。(即使是對沒有程式基礎的人也一樣)




Notepad++ v5.6.7 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.6.6) :

1. Fix "Find in files" crash bug.
2. Focus (switch to) the dirty document while asking to save unsaved document when user close Notepad++.
3. Fix the bug while giving command C:\NppDir>notepad++ (w/o quote), npp try to open file "notepad++".
4. Enlarge regconition of clickable link from "http://" to any URI.
5. Fix the bug while changing the language list in Style Configurator, the "Save and close" button is enabled.

Notepad++ v5.6.6 new features and fixed bugs (from v5.6.5) :

1. Fixed Search bug with Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters.




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