SharpReader 也是網路上普遍使用的 RSS 閱讀器,但他並沒有繁體中文的介面(但其中的英文功能並不難),但是功能卻十分齊全,閱讀的畫面也十分簡潔:頻道列表、新文章列表、文章閱讀畫面三個視窗。在此介紹免安裝版本,讓你能帶著跑、隨處都能接收最新訊息。



Changes in - released August 2 2006
* Run internal browser in restricted security zone in order to make IE responsible for blocking restricted content, instead of just doing so by parsing and stripping tags.
* Allow embedded CSS styles in item descriptions (was previously disabled because of javascript exploits that are now caught because of the security zone).
* Support both <commentRSS> as well as <commentRss> as there was some confusion as to the proper capitalization of this element.
* Fixed linebreak handling for some feeds.
* Improved handling of relative urls in atom feeds.
* Now displaying enclosure links at the bottom of the item description.
* Fixed installer to no longer complain if only .NET 2.0 is installed.




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