SUPER 是個完全免費的 (官網中也一再強調) 強大影音轉檔軟體, 轉檔時的任何參數都可自行設定,十分客製化。內建 MPlayer 播放器。可輸入的影片格式十分多種:3gp, asf, avi, dat, flv, mpg, mkv, mov, mp4, qt, rm(vb), swf, vob, wmv 等,可輸入音樂格式也相當多樣,心動了吧?輸出的格式不但也很多選擇,連轉檔要用什麼影片、音樂編碼都可以自行選擇。


更新訊息: (Jan 2, 2010)
[ADD] the TS and M2TS containers to the Muxer Output Process function
[ADD] Support to encode, play and render FLAC(Free Lossless Audio Codec) container
[ADD] Support to encode, play and render DV (Digital Video) container
[ADD] 720:480 VideoScaleSize NTSC 29.97fps to the 'DV Digital Video' Video Codec
[ADD] 640:360 VideoScaleSize to the 'Sony - PS3 (MP4)' profile
[ADD] successTONE or errorTONE to play when process is done
[ADD] Improved Multithread support of multiple CPU cores
[FIX] Several bug fixes and coding enhancements..




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